EPay2Gov Virtual Terminal

Browser based point of sale
Turn any computer into a virtual register

Face-to-face and phone payments

A simple and secure portal to process any payment


Cash customers out fast and reduce their wait times.


Employees learn how to use the product fast, so you spend less time training.

Easy Setup

Any computer with access to Internet Explorer can use Virtual Terminal. It's a simple and fast installation done for you and at your convenience.


Simply log in by entering your unique credentials. There’s no limit to the number of user accounts and access levels can be restricted by user.


Administrators have access to edit and customize accounts, create new accounts, or add items for purchase all from the Virtual Terminal dashboard.


Processing payments is a breeze in the Virtual Terminal and the items you make available for purchase are completely customizable.


Any user with access to Virtual Terminal can pull reports and analyze transactions based on any timeframe.

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