Press Release

Worksite Lactation Support Grant
Merging Motherhood and the Workplace

AMHERST, NH – April 2019: Interware Development Company received a grant to support and improve accommodations for employees who breastfeed. Interware Development Company will be working with faculty members from Keene State College who received funding from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health Services. As a woman owned company, Interware Development Company supports and advocates for working mothers. 70% of Interware Development Company’s workforce are females, with 23% at the childbearing age. With the support of Keene State College, Interware Development Company is planning for a successful and healthy future for all of their employees.

In an effort to improve the workplace, Interware Development Company is committed to creating a safe and clean space for employees to utilize. This grant will allow Interware Development Company to improve quality of care, increase productivity, support healthy work life balance and share best practices. Major health organizations recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life and continued breastfeeding for at least a year or more. Additionally, other working parents can be a great source of support and can contribute to maintaining a positive work life balance. Interware Development Company recognizes that the bond between a parent and a baby is important and this grant will help the company continue to encourage a family-friendly business environment.

Interware Development Company would like to thank Keene State College for their generous support and investment in workplace lactation support. Corporate lactation programs have been proven to help mothers continue to provide their milk for their infants. These programs often include a policy designated lactation rooms for milk expression during work hours, flexible break time, education programs, and access to health professionals who can assist with questions and concerns.